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Our Product

Although our olive trees are decades old, our experience making olive oil is not. We are learning as we go – with our first production harvest occurring in 2015.

During the course of 2016, direct-selling our 2015 product and planning our 2016 harvest this past November, we gained valuable feedback from our growing customer base and valuable insider tips from friends with experience in the world of extra virgin olive oil making. We have incorporated much of the advice received and continue to refine our approach and methods. We believe that our EVOO is incrementally better than last year and we believe it will continue improving year after year as we gain experience.

An advantage of Moonrise Grove Organic EVOO is that it is one of the relatively few California organic EVOOs available. Also, it is one of the very few EVOOs from mature organically certified trees.

For 2016 , the California Olive Oil Council’s taste panel, as well as an independent lab, confirmed the superior quality of our EVOO. The California Olive Oil Council enforces the most stringent standard in the country for EVOO. A key measure of EVOO quality is the amount of free fatty acids, a negative characteristic that cannot exceed .5 mg (twice as rigorous as the USDA limit.)  Moonrise Grove free fatty acids come in at .03 mg - hardly measureable! 

For taste, the 2016 COOC sensory panel experts rated our EVOO as having zero defects; medium robustness, low astringency; positive attributes of fruity, bitter, pungent; positive descriptors of artichoke, grass, herbaceous, and ripe olive. A copy of the sensory panel report and independent lab analysis is included with each order.

Our customers love our product and become easily addicted – in a good healthful way!

The only way to truly appreciate the delicious flavor and quality of Moonrise Grove organic extra virgin olive oil is to try some.


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