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"Growing up Italian, I thought that I had already been exposed to some of the finest olive oil that money could buy...until now. Moonrise Grove is, by far, the most palatable and flavorful dipping oil that I have been fortunate enough to serve on our dinner table. I'm not quite sure what their secret is, but strongly encourage them to keep it up! From this day forward, olive oil is now spelled Moonrise Grove."


- Jason Bove 

  Sacramento Artist




“As someone who has a love for cooking and a deep appreciation for food, Moonrise Grove has become my go-to oil for both cooking and as a dipping sauce. It’s smooth and fruity and I’m considering buying an entire barrel.”


- Faith Conley

  Legislative Representative, Sacramento

"Being an outdoor enthusiast, and engaging in activities that require a high level of fitness, I focus on a diet that is both good for my body and pleasing to the palette. The high- quality Moonrise Grove olive oil that my friends Jeff and Jayne Williams produce has become a mainstay of my diet here in the last couple of years. Olive oil has always been my favorite for general use and consumption, but in researching the health benefits of this high energy food, I find myself consuming it on an almost daily basis.  It fits perfectly into my strategy of eating smaller portions of high quality, high energy foods to maintain a light body weight and a good level of energy. Additionally, I have become very fond of the complex, rich flavor of the oil, sometimes even savoring a teaspoonful right out of the bottle. I can recommend this fine, organic, locally produced product without hesitation. Because I hold a philosophy of supporting local commerce, and am also a supporter of the “Farm to Fork” movement, it gives me even more pleasure to endorse this fine product and support my friends Jeff and Jayne.


I forgot to mention… The classy presentation of the boutique bottles makes a fine gift for almost any occasion. I gave bottles of Moonrise Grove Olive Oil to my clients at Christmas and got universally good reviews. Some of my clients are very much into cooking and fine dining, and the exceptional quality of the extra virgin oil was confirmed. The most common comment was “How thoughtful to present us with a gift of something that is both delicious and good for you as well…”


- George Connor

  Rock Climber, Musician, and Owner of Connor Arborist Services, Sacramento


"I love to cook and eat good food and you can find a lot of good olive oil these days, but Moonrise Grove is my favorite. It has great balance between fruit and acid—the flavor is just really good. And I like knowing it’s produced organically and locally. When we talk about the value of the “farm to fork” movement and eating locally, this is what we mean—a local produced product of exceptionally high quality and value." 


- Gregg Fishman, Sacramento

“Moonrise olive oil isn’t just fresh and flavorful, it’s also beautifully presented! It makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a case of oil to celebrate a couple’s wedding nuptials, or a bottle of oil paired with a California Chardonnay for a special someone’s birthday, the recipients won’t be disappointed. The oil also makes an excellent corporate gift during the holiday season."


- Merrin Gerety

  Program Manager, Sacramento

"As a cook and gardener, I love the quality and flavor of handcrafted, locally grown foods. Since I discovered Moonrise Grove Olive Oil, it has become a staple in my cooking and everyday life! The light consistency and smooth, mellow flavor mean that I can turn to it again and again for dishes both savory and sweet. In fact, I recently made an orange olive oil cake with Moonrise Grove oil, and it sealed the deal for my family – we are customers for life!"  


- Farrah McDaid Ting



"I love sourcing locally grown organic products and Moonrise Grove is best in class. This wonderful family operation infuses passion and love into every bottle they produce. The quality and taste of their olive oil can't be beat. I use Moonrise oil for cooking and for dipping and couldn't be happier. Great people, great product!"

- Erin Scherer, Folsom

Teddy Lee 1.jpg
Jenny Lee 1.jpg

"We've only had the chance to use the olive oil for dipping with some fresh bread. It is very tasty, grassy, and vibrantly green. I think the best part for us is knowing where this food comes from and being part of the production."

- Teddy and Jenny, Sacramento

"Hi there Jeff, as promised here are some pictures of us with your wonderful olive oil in Montreal. We took a few pictures in the old port to give some variety. If you're having trouble placing us, we were one of your last customers on January 3rd farmer's market in Davis. We were the couple heading back to Montreal in the days that followed. We're back and man is it cold here. The day we got back, it was about -30°F, it has since warmed up a bit.


We go back to Davis about twice a year, looking forward to seeing you and your product again.


- Maïra and Justin, Montréal, Canada.

"Just wanted to thank you both for the fast shipment of olive oil - I was looking for a good California organic hand-picked EVO from a smaller owner-operated grove and took a chance on Moonrise with one bottle. I immediately opened it up & had a teaspoon - WOW! Fantastic! Can't wait to taste it on salads. Also, will be ordering soon for gifts! Thank you & thank you for keeping your olive groves organic!!"

- SH, Mount Prospect IL


"I use Moonrise Grove Olive Oil for cooking, making salad dressing and putting on French bread. Great flavor, Jeff loves his product and it shows in the flavor! Thank you Moonrise Grove for making my meals taste much better..."


- Kelly Morales, Woodland


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